Axe 100 CP Electric Flybarless Heli No other heli in its class can compare to the Axe 100 CP. Both the RTF and Tx-R versions offer features discerning pilots demand including; a flybarless rotor head, TAGS 3-axis gyro, precision engineered components, and durable construction. The advanced electronics and robust design allow the Axe 100 CP to perform maneuvers in the smallest of spaces as smooth and precise as much larger machines would be capable of outdoors!

“The Axe 100 is unlike any micro you’ve flown before. It tracks well at high speeds. It’s smooth and predictable in pirouettes. And it will perform 3D in the smallest areas you can think of to fly in.”
- Nick Maxwell

Axe 100 CP Features:

  • High speed rotary-drive micro servos provide unmatched feel and precision.
  • The flybarless design delivers a wide flight envelope and low parts count.
  • Steel main shaft, heavy-duty main gear, robust swashplate, and oversized ball links.
  • Includes a (2) 200mAh 1S LiPo batteries and wall charger.
  • Ready to Fly version includes a 6-channel transmitter with adjustable pitch and throttle curves, exponential, dual rates, digital trims, backlit LCD screen and a ten-model memory.
  • Tx-R version awaits your 6-channel helicopter radio compatible with AnyLink

Rotor Diameter: 9.5 in (241 mm)
RTF Weight with battery: 1.6 oz (46 g)
Length: 9.5 in (241 mm)

HMXE0820 Axe 100 CP Electric Flybarless Heli RTF    $299.99
HMXE0821 Axe 100 CP Electric Flybarless Heli Tx-R    219.99

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Goldberg Super Chipmunk ARFTop-quality Carl Goldberg engineering has faithfully reproduced a sport-scale version of the Super Chipmunk long recognized as a 1970s airshow favorite! Delivering exciting aerobatic performance and sport-scale looks in a convenient park flyer size, the Super Chipmunk is exactly what the demanding modeler wants. When equipped with a 400-size brushless motor, it delivers more than enough power to nail any maneuver pilots can dream up. With its low parts count and generous supply of hardware, modelers will be up in the air in no time!

  • Built-up wood construction, covered in MonoKote® film
  • Molded, factory-painted cowl and wheel pants
  • Magnetic hatch for easy battery compartment access
  • An aileron servo in each wing half for maneuvering precision and mixing ability
  • Decal sheet with authentic sponsor logos (©2012 Pennzoil-Quaker State Company. Used under license from Pennzoil-Quaker State Company.)

Wingspan: 38 in (965 mm)
Length: 28 in (710 mm)
Weight: 23-25 oz (650-710 g)

GPMA1928 Super Chipmunk EP ARF   $159.99

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Great Planes Avistar Elite RTFRemember how a high-wing trainer helped you learn basic flight skills? The Great Planes Avistar™ Elite RTF gives you that same added confidence when moving up to aerobatics!

The Avistar™ Elite is the ideal “second” airplane that’s second to none when it comes to convenience, stability and aerobatic capabilities. Thanks to its factory-assembled, modular components, you can have a durable, classically styled airplane in less than an hour. And you won’t have to shop around for essential add-ons: the Avistar Elite RTF is all-in-the-box complete! Great Planes includes a Tactic™ TTX600 6-channel, 2.4GHz radio system that features SLT™ technology and dual rates. Also supplied is an O.S.® 46AX II engine, with installed fuel tank and fuel lines.

  • Durable, stable and maneuverable
  • Wing halves feature pre-hinged control surfaces and servo bays for aileron servos and optional flaps
  • Already installed on the IsoSmooth™ engine mount is an O.S. 46AX II engine
  • The semi-symmetrical wing combines trainer-like stability with the ability to execute smooth rolls and sport aerobatics
  • The patented EasyAlign™ system guides tail sections into place automatically, with no tools required (U.S. Patents #6,938,856 and #6,986,695)

Wingspan: 62.5 in (1590 mm)
Length: 55 in (1395 mm)
Weight: 6.5 lb (2950 g)

GPMA1605 Avistar Elite .46 RTF   $499.99

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Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 Nitro Sport ARF Your first heli has to be special. You want one that’s durable and easy to maintain. One that’ll get you to the flight line fast with everything you need for solid performance. And you want a heli that will “grow” with you so you can go from learning the basics to flying 3D – confident that your heli can do it all. The Thunder Tiger 50S gives you everything you need for transition plus factory assembly and testing.

  • Comes with these performance components already installed:
  • PRO .50 engine & high-volume muffler
  • TG7200 heading hold gyro
  • High-torque, metal-gear cyclic & throttle servos
  • DS0606n digital tail servo
  • Zero Alpha II governor
  • Responsive 90° rotor head
  • Reliable belt-driven tail rotor
  • 600 mm (23.6″) wooden main blades
  • Extra-long aluminum tail boom to accommodate optional 620 mm (24.4″) blades
  • Lightweight tail boom support brackets
  • Easy-to-install tail rod guides
  • Reinforced support bracket
  • Metal tail boom clamp
  • Molded plastic frame for minimum maintenance and maximum durability
  • Low-profile nylon landing gear with aluminum skids

Length: 48 in (1200 mm)
Width: 5.50 in (140 mm)
Height: 15.75 in (400 mm)
Main Rotor Diameter: 53 in (1345 mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 9.3 in (237 mm)
RTF Weight: 6.9 lb (3.12 kg)
Requires: radio system with 6 channels & fuel

TTRE0048 Raptor 50 Nitro Sport ARF   $899.99

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Thunder Tiger Raptor E550SThe Raptor E550S is designed for top-notch 3D performance and amazing ease for the 3D pilot. It’s ease that goes beyond factory assembly to include factory-installation of advanced electronics and a brushless power system as well as testing and factory-adjustment. Get off to a fast start in 3D with the heli designed to deliver both: the Raptor E550S.

  • 1150 kV brushless motor
  • 80A brushless ESC
  • TG7200 heading hold gyro
  • High-torque, metal-gear cyclic servos
  • DS0606n digital tail servo
  • Precise, responsive 140° eCCPM rotor head
  • Belt-driven tail rotor
  • 2-piece carbon-fiber airframe w/generous battery compartment
  • High-performance 550 mm (21.65″) carbon-fiber main blades
  • Lightweight tail boom support bracket
  • Easy-to-install tail guides
  • Reinforced boom support brackets
  • Metal tail boom clamp
  • Nylon landing gear with low-profile aluminum skids

Length: 45.25 in (1150mm)
Width: 5.50 in (140 mm)
Height: 15.35 in (390 mm)
Main Rotor Diameter: 49 in (1245 mm)
Tail Rotor Diameter: 9.3 in (2376 mm)
RTF Weight: 5.8 lb (2.65 kg)
Requires: radio system with 6 channels & 6S, LiPo battery

TTRE0030 Raptor E550 Electric Sport ARF   $849.99

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